May 31

Tempe, AZ: Availe Inc., a national print and copy solutions provider, has announced the successful implementation of PrintSafe in a major governmental agency.

The agency had a goal t to eliminate all unsecure local print devices and convert the print jobs to Xerox 7855 multifunction devices.  Recent IRS publication 1075 stressed that multifunction printers were susceptible to hacking and should be protected. All Federal Taxpayer Information data in transit must be encrypted when moving across a WAN and within the LAN.

IT experts are now well versed in securing PC’s, servers, and associated equipment, but printers hooked up to networks aren’t always secured.  An example of this happened at Vanderbilt University in January 2017, when printers on campus inexplicably began printing anti-Semitic fliers. This was an incident that officials believe was linked to a round of hacking that targeted printers at several colleges over the last year—including University of California – Santa Clara, Brown University and Princeton University.

As printers rolled out and copiers rolled in, Availe installed PrintSafe software that addresses all these encryption issues. “When you combine Xerox ConnectKey technology with RFID badge readers and PrintSafe software, we are able to encrypt the entire data stream from end to end,” said Brian Latawiec, software solutions expert at Availe.

“It’s an end-to-end solution that ensures a perfectly secure print stream,” said Latawiec.  “Security is one of the most, if not the most important concern that our customers stress.  We have created a solution by incorporating RFID badge readers, Secure print server software, and a secure handshake to McAfee secure and Cisco secure at the device level.”

About the company: Availe Inc. is a national print and copy solutions provider, and has been providing printing solutions to large and small organizations since 1995. For further information, please contact


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