Authorized Maintenance Agreements

A Maintenance Agreement from Availe is the best way to ensure that your devices continue to run at peak performance. When left unattended, office copiers and printers can easily fall into disarray. By choosing a Maintenance Agreement, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your copiers and printers will always be up and running, especially when you need them most.

Our authorized Maintenance Agreements help you:

  • Minimize equipment downtime
  • Stay on a regular maintenance schedule
  • Optimize print quality
  • Save on service & repair
  • Prolong the life of your copiers and printers

How a Maintenance Agreement Works

A maintenance agreement covers your equipment if anything goes awry.  The following describes how service under a maintenance agreement works:

  • You call for repairs without being stressed about the expense.
  • We make a service call, which are unlimited per the Agreement.
  • We schedule preventive maintenance visits to keep your equipment operating efficiently.

Features of a Maintenance Agreement

Your maintenance agreement can be automatically renewed so that there is no interruption of service. Prices can be assured for the length of the contract and options are available for longer time periods other than the annual length. Regular maintenance means the equipment is always serviced so that there is a minimum time when the printer is unavailable for use. Regular toner replacement or general servicing keeps the printer working like clockwork.

At Availe, Inc., we can provide a full maintenance agreement to protect you when something does go wrong with your printer or copier. We are known for our fast call response so you can rest assured problems will be fixed quickly. Contact us for a maintenance agreement at (480) 967-7468 or click the “Get Quote” tab on the right.