Jun 09

If you run a business where printers are being used to either print, copy, or fax important financial documents on a daily basis, then you absolutely need secure printing. Secure printing has multiple benefits, including protecting all information that is in transit during faxing or printing, keeping you protected in the event of an audit, as well as making printers IRS 1075 compliant.

Here are some more benefits of secure printing:

Secure Printing Protects Information

Printers now having the ability to connect to a network wirelessly, which is convenient, but it can also make it easier for unauthorized users to gain access to the printer. The problem is not necessarily unauthorized users accessing the device and printing, but rather gaining access to the files you are printing, copying or faxing. These files can be saved as cached copy on the RAM of the control board. A smart hacker can gain access to the cached files, and many of those files can contain important or personal information. For example, personal information and social security numbers are often found on printed documents. Implementing printer security and encryption will keep your printer secure, as well as keep unauthorized users from having access to critical files that must be kept private.

Secure Printing Protects You In The Event Of An Audit

When you implement secure printing, you setup will be safeguarded against an IRS audit. All details and activities of your printers will be kept on record in the event of an audit, such as:

  • The date, time and type of action
  • Successful logins and unsuccessful logins
  • Log outs
  • Every action a logged-in user made
  • Where requests came from
  • Security database modifications
  • Deletions

Secure Printing Makes You IRS 1075 Compliant

When a business implements secure printing, it is becoming IRS 1075 compliant. This compliance is a strong security policy that applies to the configuration and operation of all printers. In order to be IRS 1075 compliant, all printers must incorporate the following:

  • The elimination of unnecessary network protocols and services
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Strong security controls
  • Up-to-date firmware
  • Federal tax information encryption
  • Auditing enabled

If you are in search of secure printing services and IRS 1075 compliance, feel free to contact us for a free quote or more information.

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