worry free color printer

Apr 12

If you own a printer for your business, then you probably know that it can be painful to maintain. Whether the printer is having problems with a paper jam one day or not rebooting the next, it seems that something is always going wrong. Not only does this cause headaches and delays in daily work necessities, but it can also also be a major drain on the company wallet.

This is where the Availe Worry Free Color Printer Plan comes to the rescue. This Worry Free Color Printer Plan comes with a full warranty, free of charge, on a printer that we supply—which is a Xerox model determined by your print volume—for as long as we are your supplier for ink and toner. What’s best is that software that Availe installs on your printer will actually notify you when your supply is low, making resupplies a walk in the park.

Here are some of the benefits you get from signing up for the Availe Worry Free Color Printer Plan:

  • Reputable – Availe has a sterling reputation for reliably providing printer and copier plans and services to businesses around the country.
  • No Monthly Fee – This means there are zero regular fees of any sort when it comes to servicing your printer, as long as we stay as your printer supply partner.
  • Add Warranty To Other Printers – While your new printer will certainly be a great addition, the old printers at the office don’t have to leave the picture. After 30 days and the purchase of two supply items, you can add these printers to your existing plan and they will also receive a free of charge warranty.
  • Free Shipping – Free shipping, as well as specials and discounts, are readily provided on supplies from Availe.
  • Original Manufacturer Supplies – Don’t worry about receiving low quality or imitation products. Toner and other parts that Availe provides are all from the original manufacturer.

For any questions or a free quote please feel free to contact us. We are excited to hear from you and cannot wait to get you set up with an Availe Worry Free Color Printer Plan.

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