Secure Printing: IRS 1075 Printer Encryption Standards

secure printing

To foster a tax system based on voluntary compliance, the public must maintain a high degree of confidence that the personal and financial information furnished to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is protected against unauthorized use, inspection, or disclosure.

Click Here to view the IRS 1075 Guidelines for Tax Info Security

Xerox PrintSafe Software

Xerox® PrintSafe Software provides security for printed data on your multifunction printers including both Xerox® devices and devices from other vendors. As a software-only solution, it’s an affordable option for any business. Realize additional cost savings, because there is no proprietary associated software that needs to be purchased, enabling you to leverage existing authentication readers or purchase them from a preferred card reader vendor.* It is a true secure printing solution.

secure printing

Affordable industry authentication software that integrates with trusted industry cards/readers.

    • Prevents unauthorized access to printer features (Example: Copy, Scan , Fax, etc.)
    • Gives access to print to any printer, any time (Xerox® and non-Xerox® Printers)
    • Provides secure printing of sensitive documents
    • Reduces print waste from uncollected printed jobs
    • Multiple Print Workflows for Direct Printing or Print Server, reducing IT tasks and software footprint


  • Allows card swipe integration for many common industry vendors.
    Optional integration with pin ID authentication
  • Features simple reporting of authentication logins and history
  • Secure printing workflows


  • Requires low IT investment and management
  • No additional charge for convenient printing (pull printing)
  • Easy installation and integration
  • Custom bundled choices for any size business


  • Reduced software footprint; Direct Print or Print Server workflows supported
  • Supports both Xerox® devices and other industry print devices
  • Grows with your business, as print devices are added to the network
  • Convenient printing available anywhere and on any device

Key Features:

Always ready. Enables print access to any printer at any time.

Save time. Save money. Allows the user to choose what to print and when and the ability to delete or make changes to documents prior to printing. Reducing costs related to printing outdated or unnecessary documents. As a result toners costs associated with avoidable printing will also be reduced.

It’s not complicated. Easy to learn and use, it works with the technology that the user is already accustomed to accessing for printing documents.

Integrated. Provides the flexibility to print across devices, not just one brand and to print anywhere on the network.

Seamless setup. This authentication software solution leverages existing technology making implementation easy. Also, it’s completely compatible with print workflows, alleviating any disruption to everyday printing.• Easy integration. Allows for card swipe integration across multiple industry vendors with the added bonus of optional integration using PIN authentication.

Protected print workflows. Xerox® PrintSafe Software provides maximum data security for your most valuable assets.

Simple and secure. A single authentication step allows access to multiple Xerox® device functions. Low maintenance. This software only solution requires a minimal investment of time from IT, is easy to install and integrates easily with most industry devices.

Multiple Cost Savings. Affordable for any business size, there are no hidden costs, a variety of custom bundled choices are available and there’s no additional charge for convenient printing (pull printing).

Integration. Xerox® PrintSafe Software integrates with your current accessories and servers.

Multifaceted Solution. An authentication solution that helps minimize your software footprint. Supporting both Xerox and other industry print devices enabling it to grow with your businesses as devices are added to your network.

At A Moment’s Notice. Secure printing anywhere, on any device that’s integrated into the network.