There’s expensive insurance you can purchase for your color copier or there’s Availe’s Worry Free Color Copier Program. What’s the Worry Free Color Copier Program?

Much like our Worry Free Color Printer Plan, Availe’s Worry Free Color Copier Program is the complete life saver. You won’t ever have to break the bank just to fix your copier again.

Here’s How The Program Works

Based on your print volume and learning about how and why your business operates, we find the right and recommend the perfect device. All you have to do is buy toner from us when necessary. That’s it, and every time your copier is in bad shape, our warranty has got you covered free of charge.  Our software, which we also provide, notifies you every time toner is low and sends you an email reminder to re-up, making the process very fast and simple.

The Benefits of Getting Our Worry Free Color Copier

  • Service and repair whenever you need it free of charge. Printers and copiers will always have problems, no matter how strong they promise to be. With our warranty, there’s no need to worry about high service fees. We will fix your copier completely free of charge, so long as it remains under the warranty program.
  • Keeps downtime low. Without a warranty, you usually have to deal with numerous obstacles to get your copier serviced, from getting a service appointment to hoping the person knows what they’re going. Availe will will take away that headache. All of our technicians service Xerox copiers everyday.
  • Keeps your color copier running smooth all the time as well as keeping the quality of printing high.

With our Worry Free Color Copier Program the days of suffering just to get a quality copy are over.

Who Is Availe?

We are one of Xerox’s largest partners and have been selling and servicing Xerox devices and solutions since 1995.

What About Printers?

Yes, we also are the exclusive provider of the Worry Free Printer Program.