How Does The Worry Free Color Printer Plan Work?

It’s very simple. We ship the printer to you. The cost is dependent your print volume. We’ll send you a link to download the supplies software. When that is installed, it will alert you when you are low on toner. As long as you buy what you need, when you run low, the printer is covered under warranty.

Who Is Availe?

Availe is one of the leaders in nationwide printer and copier installations for franchises, national accounts, and even small business.   We have thousands of customers all over the country and do business in every state.  

What Printers Are Supported?

There are several models of printers supported by this plan including the Xerox 6605 MFP and the Xerox 8580 solid ink printer.  The WFCP program has also recently added the Canon MF735CDW, HP Color Laserjet MFP M477fdn and the HP Color Laserjet M452dn.

Xerox 6605

Xerox Free Color Printer

Xerox 8580

Xerox Free Color Printer

Is There A Monthly Fee?

This Worry Free Color Printer plan doesn’t require monthly payments or annual commitments. There is also no charge for technical support and we even support other printers and copiers on your network, if needed. The only fee is for supplies and purchases, otherwise we do not require page counts or meter reads.

What Happens to My Other Printers?

If they are Xerox, you can either retire them or, in some cases, we can grandfather them back under warranty. The software for your new printer will see the old printer. Once 30 days pass and you purchase 2 supply items for the old printer, you are covered.

Does My Printer Have To Be Networked?

Yes. The supplies software will only work if it is networked. Unfortunately, the program does not support printers that are connected by USB. We have several easy-to-network suggestions that will make the USB printer look like a network printer including wireless network cards and external wireless solutions for as low as $99

Can I Get More Than One?

Yes. As long as you meet the monthly page volume required and purchase the supplies, as necessary, through the Availe Supplies Assistant. We also love referrals who can use our program.

How Much Does Toner Cost?

It depends on the model you choose. The toner is priced very competitively and we systematically offer toner specials, bundles, free shipping and other discount which reduces your cost to print. Your overall toner cost will be less than or equal to the price shown on Canon, HP, and Xerox websites.

Are these OEM supplies?

Yes. We only use genuine OEM supplies produced by the manufacturer. This includes all toners, waste cartridges, fusers, etc.

How Do I Get Service?

You can call or email or chat with our US help desk. It is staffed by trained 2nd level technicians who have years of experience in IT and print support. More than 50% of the time, we are able to quickly resolve service issues by phone. If our experts can’t help you, they will dispatch a technician with parts to repair your printer onsite on the next business day.

What Is Covered Under Warrenty?

Everything except paper and staples! All parts, labor, and travel are included with your maintenance agreement. In some cases, we may elect to swap out the entire machine if we find the repair is too complex or if our customer is in a remote area where technicians are difficult to dispatch calls.

How Does The Software Work?

The software is a small utility like an App that looks for your printer(s) and will email you when you are low on toner. The email will give you directions to the ordering portal where you can purchase the needed supplies. As long as that process is in place, the warranty and support are included.

Do I Have To Load The Software?

Yes. That is the only way to purchase supplies and keep your warranty.

Can I Buy The Supplies Somewhere Else?

Yes, you can, but you will not keep the warranty. This means if the printer breaks, you’ll have to pay for the parts and the technician. We also have very competitive pricing, so you should never pay more than necessary for your printers.

What Is The Time Commitment I Have To Make?

To buy your set(s) of toner in the first 30 days. After that, just buy what you need as needed. There is no commitment needed beyond that. We find that most of our customers like the simplicity of being able to call someone for support and buy toner as they need it.

What Is The Page Commitment?

We prefer that our customers print about 10,000 color pages per year. If you fall a bit short, there are no penalties or fines.

What’s The Next Step?

We will determine your cost based upon your volume, provide your shipping address and we’ll send you the printer. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive from the time you order.

We also have a Worry Free Color Copier program.