Has your printer broke down? Have you had to worry about getting it serviced in a timely manner or paying a hefty service fee? With our Worry Free Printer Program you can throw both those headaches out the window.

How the Worry Free Printer Program Works

  • Based on your print volume (usually about 2,000 color pages per month), you can order printer or copier from Availe, depending on your print volume.
  • With a software we provide, we will be able to notify you when your toner is low.
  • All you have to do is order toner from us when it’s low and you’re automatically under our warranty/maintenance agreement for unlimited service and repairs.

The only condition required to keep the maintenance agreement of our Worry Free Printer Program intact is that you buy your toner from Availe. There is no catch.

What Our Maintenance Agreement Provides

  • Preventative maintenance appointments to keep your printer running in peak efficiency.
  • Avoid high repair fees. Inflation and baiting and switching is high in the service and repair industry. With our agreement you get all maintenance and repairs at no cost.
  • Unlimited service calls, no matter what the problem is.
  • We can add your qualified old printers onto the agreement after 30 days and purchasing two supply items from us.

Available Printers

Xerox 8580

worry free color printer

Xerox 6605

worry free color printer

Let Us Keep Your Printers Running Smoothly

Have you tried to fix a printer yourself? Then you know how frustrating that can be if you don’t have the technical know-how. It can also affect your printer in the long run. Availe’s Worry Free Printer Program gives your business either the Xerox 6650 or Xerox 8580 printer or printers. Our technicians are all specialized and experienced in servicing and repairing under these printers. Get rid of the downtime and of the hassle.

Who We Are

We are one of Xerox’s largest partners and have been selling and servicing Xerox devices and solutions since 1995.

Do You Have A Copier Program?

We sure do. You can also get free copiers as part of our Worry Free Color Copier Program.