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Why Availe?


Guarantees and Guiding Principles


Worry Free Color.
We do not penalize color printing.  Our business is based on providing an ‘all you can eat’ color pricing model which results in a total cost of ownership less than or equal to black and white printing.  We specialize in ultra long life supplies and rock solid reliability to reduce the cost for everyone.

Fair Financing.
The ‘evergreen’ clause (featuring a never expiring lease or auto renewal), is one of the most unfavorable contractual terms in business today. It is comparable to perpetually paying off a mortgage or car loan. While financial regulations protect consumers from such scenarios, private lease agreements often lack these protections.  We offer a cash price, a financed price, and a 30 day release from service agreements.

Honest Engagement.
A vendor’s promise of an ROI based on things like physical space savings, number of trees saved by not printing, and financial hocus pocus often fall flat.  We don’t recommend replacing known good producing machines or processes until there is a clear understanding of why the current solution is untenable; let the machine or software determine its own end of life based on issues such as limited parts availability, outdated software, or failing reliability. 

We Listen.
Our primary concern is to determine whether we can help overcome challenges or reach business objectives. We have found our customers are less concerned about the specific model numbers or features they will rarely use. Businesses of all sizes must focus on what truly matters – growth, management, and problem-solving.


We Speak Printers.
Machine messaging can be confusing, like the famous “PC Load Letter” from the classic workplace comedy Office Space (“PC Load Letter” means that the Paper Cassette is empty and needs Letter sized paper to be Loaded).  Messages such as Job Held for Resources, PC Load Letter, Deleted Due to Error, and 49.0 errors are cryptic and make troubleshooting difficult.  The old adage of starting troubleshooting from the beginning usually pays off in determining the symptom versus the problem.  

Keep Things Simple.
The American Space Program needed to develop a pen that could write in the weightless environment of space. NASA spent millions of dollars to develop a pressurized pen to solve this difficult problem.  An alternative solution employed by others?  Use a pencil.  Simple lease agreements, simple invoicing, simple service commitments.

Ease Of Partnership.
The precursor to a successful relationship begins with an understanding of what is expected, and a consistent, transparent set of transactions.  Is the right equipment in the right spot?  Are your supplies managed correctly or is Is there a supply room full of outdated toner?  Are the service calls placed in the most efficient way possible for both the end user and the servicing agent?  Is service delivered quickly and efficiently?  Is the invoicing timely, easy to understand, and easy to process? We make it easy to do business with us.  


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